Exercises to improve potency

Exercises to improve potency

Male consciousness is arranged in such a way that at whatever age a representative of the male half of humanity is, he somehow takes care of the state of his potency, because in the absence of problems in this area, he can feel like a “real man”. There are different ways to maintain men’s health normally, but information about what exercises exist for potency at home for men and what they should know about them is especially popular today, so this issue should be considered in as much detail as possible.

Potency is-

To begin with, it is necessary to explain the essence of potency (or male erection), which is based on a whole complex of physiological and mental processes. The main organ of a man consists of three bodies of the longitudinal type, which are filled with spongy tissues. These tissues increase in volume when blood enters them. Two longitudinal cavernous bodies on the outside of the penis acquire elasticity and firmness during erection. The inner body of the spongy type is located near the urethra, it passes into the head of the male genital organ. The tissues of the penis are endowed with the ability to erect, and this is their special property, which determines the essence of an erection, because with the normal functioning of the organ, the penis becomes hard, rises forward and upwards.

Important! Before talking about what exercises to do to increase potency, it should be said that experts have decided to distinguish three types of erection: psychogenic, reflex and spontaneous nocturnal. Reflex erection is considered the most ordinary, natural, normal reaction of a man to touching the sexual organ. A certain sensory stimulus on the human skin transmits the corresponding impulses to the nerve endings of the penis itself, bladder, rectum. Then the signal can be transmitted to the spinal cord. It is also important that the reaction of the so-called intimate nerves happens automatically and does not depend on the degree of awareness.

Causes of decreased potency

Before considering the topic of what exercises exist to increase potency, it is worth understanding what causes may affect the development of problems in this area. A decrease in “male power” can be a temporary and permanent phenomenon.

A temporary decrease is initially caused by various conditions of the body, which can include stressful situations, depression, lack of sleep, excessive physical and psychological stress, a constant feeling of fatigue, and so on. At the same time, in order to solve the current problem, it is necessary to identify and remove the cause of its development, because only in this case you can count on a full recovery.

Permanently reduced or poor erection can be caused by various diseases, psychological disorders or a consequence of an incorrect lifestyle.

Speaking more specifically, it is worth paying special attention to the following reasons for the development of the problem:

  • age-related changes – usually by the age of 50, the production of male sex hormone begins to fall in men – testosterone, and without this hormone, an erection is simply impossible, therefore, at the age of men lose most of their sexual desire, and some do not have it at all;
  • the use of substances that reduce potency, which include narcotic substances, alcohol (causes great harm to the testicular cells that are responsible for the production of testosterone) and tobacco products that constrict blood vessels, resulting in poor blood circulation, including impaired blood circulation in the pelvic organs;
  • stress frequent stressful situations, they can cause prolonged depression that depresses sexual function, and it is very important to say here that exercises to enhance potency in men allow not only to normalize sexual function, but also allow you to effectively cope with stress;
  • an inactive lifestyle (especially if a man is for a long time in a sitting position, because with prolonged stay in this position, blood circulation in the pelvic region worsens, which leads to a deterioration of the penis);
  • poor sleep constant lack of sleep leads to a decrease in the production of male sex hormone, moreover, the body does not fully restore its strength, which leads to chronic fatigue.

Modern pharmacology offers many pills to increase the potency and growth of the penis. But their effectiveness, as a rule, is either temporary or questionable due to the negative impact on other human organs and systems. It is safer to use such affordable home methods as visiting a bath, taking a contrast shower, eliminating “wrong” dishes from the diet and introducing products that increase potency. Massage and exercises to increase potency are effective, and most importantly, therapy is completely free, so literally everyone can afford this method of treatment.

What principles do you need to know about?

Exercises to restore potency need to be performed correctly, and for this it is recommended to find examples in photos or videos (especially at home) – this will show how to move correctly for treatment, what rules to follow, and there is good advice in them.

You must first visit a specialist who will make an accurate diagnosis and tell you why impotence appeared. Separately, you need to pay attention to the fact that it is recommended to perform physical activity in any convenient case, for example:

  • it is worth choosing, not an elevator, even to the 5th or 6th floor;
  • you need to walk to work;
  • it is worth walking as much as possible, and not driving by car or public transport;
  • charging in the morning should become a habit.

Performing exercises to improve potency, special attention should be paid to the fact that a person should not feel pain and other unpleasant sensations. It is necessary to perform all movements smoothly, carefully – for potency this is what is needed, and for a positive effect (gain) it is necessary to act carefully, gradually increase the load.

Therapeutic complex and exercises worth knowing about

These home exercises are recommended to be performed twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. You should not chase the number of approaches, you need to try to create optimal conditions, warm up and stretch the body as much as possible to increase the subsequent erection, strengthen and improve it.

  • “Drill step”

The drill step is a basic exercise for male potency. In its implementation, the following recommendations should be followed. Straighten your back and lower your arms along your body. You can put them on your belt. Gently lift the leg bent at the knee – it does not matter whether it is right or left. Then, just as carefully lower it back, so that after a few seconds you can make the same movement with the second leg.

Alternate lunges, watch for an increase in pace. At first, it is recommended to observe the average execution speed. In the process, you can connect home exercises with a kettlebell, if you are already experienced in movements.

Exercise creates optimal conditions for improving, strengthening and increasing the “male strength”, as well as instantly stabilizes blood flow in the genitals, which guarantees an increase and normalization of erection.

  • “Stone”

The starting position is the same as in the previous home exercise “Drill step”. To do this, bend your knees slightly and tighten your glutes, imagining that you are trying to hold a stone. Watch your breathing, perform actions until you feel a slight fatigue in the body.

Due to such an exercise for the potency of men, the condition of the anus is normalized, its improvement, strengthening of reproductive functions, stable functioning of the male genitals is ensured.

  • “On all fours”

Remember that home effective exercises for increasing and strengthening strength become so only because of the diligence of the performer, so be careful! The knees should touch the floor surface clearly opposite the pelvis, put your palms in such a way that a straight line can be drawn from your face to them. Stretch your feet – a prerequisite.

Gently slide your body backwards, gradually settling your buttocks on your heels. At the same time, the hands should remain even. Stay in this position for a while, feeling the muscles relax, the vertebrae stretch, and the feeling of well-being increases.

Exercises to increase potency in men prevents stagnation of blood in the lower part of the body – this is a positive action to raise potency. The joints of the back are warmed up, a home light massage of the prostate gland is carried out.

  • Muscle Belt Control

A man should stand up straight, straighten his back, lower his arms along his torso, relax and look straight. The exercise for potency (its increase) consists in the following actions: you should take a normal breath and linger on the exhalation, while simultaneously straining the muscles of the anus as much as you can. After 4-5 seconds (for the first time – as long as you can stand it), exhale smoothly, relaxing.

Repeat the exercise several times, but do not forget to pause so that breathing is fully or at least partially restored. An important moment! The buttocks should not strain, try to touch only the muscles of the anus. At first it will seem difficult, but it is not difficult to learn – a good workout guarantees an instant increase in erection due to such conditions.

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